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Purble Place is a video game that was released in 2007. It’s developed by Oberon Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The play is targeted toward children aged 3 to 7 years old. The objective of the product is to help the unit characters do various tasks.


The graphics in Purble Place game free are colorful and fun. The characters are designed to look like cartoon creatures. The backgrounds are also well designed and look like they are from a cartoon. The graphics are relevant for the target auditorium of small children.


The gameplay is simple and easy to understand. The player must help the protagonist characters complete various tasks. The tasks include things such as baking cakes, playing memory apps, and matching pairs of unit characters. In general, Purble Place for free download gameplay is related to the target attendance of children aged 3-7 years old.


The controls in Purble Place online game are easy to learn and use. The player uses the mouse to control the protagonist characters. The controls are appropriate for the target audience of child age 3 to 7 years.


This is a video game that can be replayable for children. The program has different levels and various tasks to complete. This can help children to replay the add and enhance their skills. The product is also replayable for adults who want to help children improve their skills.


  • Product features three different unit characters: Comfy Cakes, P Pairs, and P Shop.
  • Each character has their own unique gameplay mode: Comfy Cakes baking challenge, puzzle software, and Pur Shop shopping app.
  • Application download Purble Place game features colorful and cute graphics that are appealing to children.
  • Software is easy to pick up and play install Purble Place on Windows, with simple controls that are quick to learn.
  • Program is suitable for players of all ages, with no violence or other content that could be considered inappropriate for young children.


  1. How do I play Purble Place on Windows 10?
    To play product, simply launch the software from the Start menu. You will be presented with three point characters. Click on the game you wish to play, and have fun!
  2. What is product?
    It’s a collection of three mini-games for children, developed by Oberon Games and included with certain editions of Microsoft Windows. The app’s are simple and easy to learn and are designed to improve a child's memory, hand-eye coordination, and color recognition skills.
  3. What are the minigames?
    The minigames in play Purble Place for free are Comfy Cakes, P Program, and P Shop. In Comfy Cakes, you must bake cake according to the customer's order. In P Pairs, you must match couple of tiles as quickly as possible. In P Shop, you must serve customers by finding the items they are looking for.
  4. Can I download Purble Place for Windows and play with a friend?
    Product supports two-player gameplay for all of its minigames. Simply select the "2 Player" option from the main menu to get started.


This is a video product that is designed for children aged three to seven years old. The application Purble Place play online is replayable and has simple controls. The graphics and gameplay are appropriate for the target audience. The only downside is that the program does not have a multiplayer mode.

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